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Join Us On Sept 13th (3-4pm BST)

To Learn The Value Of Account-Based Marketing & How To Implement, Plan & Measure ABM For Your Organisation

B2B marketers know that Account-Based Marketing offers vast potential to drive engagement, mindshare and relationships with target high-value companies and best-fit stakeholders. Yet knowing where to begin with ABM can be complex.
In this exclusive webinar, ABM experts Strategic IC and Demandbase are joining forces. We’ll talk you through the value of ABM for your organisation and explore the key steps required to build, implement and grow a successful ABM programme.
Detailing ABM frameworks you can shape to suit your business and objectives, plus advice on technologies, measures of success and long-term growth tips. This webinar will help you plan, implement and grow with ABM.

What You’ll Learn During This Free Webinar

  • Clarify the value of account-based marketing for your organisation
  • Outline key steps to planning an ABM programme bespoke to your requirements
  • Review different models of ABM and how to choose the best fit for your organisation
  • Explore the role of tech platforms in ABM
  • Discuss how to effectively blend technology with ABM expertise
  • Provide detail on metrics to measure to monitor ABM effectiveness
  • Help you understand how to achieve ABM ROI
  • First-hand advice from ABM experts Strategic IC & Demandbase
  • Opportunity to ask your ABM questions
  • Tips for Sales & Marketing alignment

About Your Speakers

Gordon Hunter, CMO
Strategic IC

Gordon is CMO of Inbound to ABM Agency Strategic IC. Strategic enables clients to win bigger deals and transform customer relationships, through highly targeted Inbound and ABM strategies, with industry expertise in the enterprise tech, pharmaceutical and professional services sectors. Gordon has over 20 years experience helping B2B organisations develop and execute strategic sales and marketing programmes on a global scale.

Leanne Moir, Senior Manager, EMEA Field Marketing

Leanne is a Senior Manager with the EMEA Field Marketing team at Demandbase. Demandbase offers the only comprehensive set of marketing solutions purpose built for the account-based needs of B2B. Leanne not only works for Demandbase, but has herself been a client, so has an appreciation of the role of marketing within an organisation, along with extensive campaign management and lead generation experience.

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