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A Step by Step Guide to Planning an Effective Inbound Marketing Strategy

Today, traditional interruptive marketing is being increasingly ignored by B2B consumers, so Marketing Directors must adapt their strategies if they are to succeed.
Inbound Marketing works to earn relevant visibility by helping target buyers learn more about the solutions they want - without interrupting.
But before an Inbound campaign can begin, considered planning is required to ensure performance, the best lead quality possible and definite ROI.

What's in this eBook?

  • Why and how to map financial goals to lead gen targets when planning Inbound campaigns
  • Why data-backed persona development is crucial to   Inbound  campaign success
  • How to increase lead quality and SEO by planning campaigns around content hubs
  • How to map persona-relevant content to each Buyer's Journey stage
  • How to plan and structure an Inbound content calendar for success
  • How to design a digital channel promotion strategy to support an Inbound marketing campaign
  • What to consider to develop effective lead nurture workflow campaigns
  • Best practice considerations for developing paid ad campaigns

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