ABM Playbook

ABM Lunch
& Learn workshop

Road test your ABM strategy and accelerate your growth.

Bring your Marketing and Sales teams together and let's talk ABM

Account-based Marketing is the hottest B2B strategy of 2022
You may be reviewing its suitability for your organization, in the early stages of ABM deployment, or well advanced with your strategy. No matter where you are on your Account-based Marketing journey, our ABM Lunch & Learn workshop is for you.
On this interactive session we'll discuss:
  • Your ABM journey
  • Choosing the right ABM program
  • Measurement and ROI
  • Best practice tactics and strategies
  • Pitfalls and misconceptions
  • Martech
  • Budget considerations

[Please note: This is an in-company workshop for you (and your team) and not a public webinar]

Meet your hosts

Fes is responsible for all commercial conversations at the Agency and has an acute understanding of the B2B technology market and the challenges facing companies looking to win, grow, and retain their most important accounts. He guides ABM Lunch & Learn attendees through a series of discovery questions in order to uncover real insights about their business, market, clients, and challenges.
Declan heads up marketing at strategicabm. After some 20 years working as a CMO in the Professional Services, SaaS and EdTech sectors, Declan is now Agency-side building the strategicabm brand and running successful Account-based Marketing strategies. Declan is also the host of the Let's talk ABM podcast. 

ABM lunch & learn

Your questions answered
You no doubt have lots of questions about ABM. We’ll use the session to answer them.

Success criteria
What makes a successful ABM program? We’ll give you a checklist to take away.

We'll help you understand time to ROI for each of your win, grow, and retain strategic goals. 

Personalized ABM review
You’ll receive ‘My ABM Reviewed’ to help you launch or optimize your ABM program.

strategicabm are an extension of our team. We’re always gaining and we’re doing really good marketing together.

Jo Robson
Marketing Director
at Acxiom

Book your ABM
Lunch & Learn

ABM Lunch & Learn is a unique knowledge exchange opportunity for you (and your team) to share your current Go-to-market strategy, review where you are on your ABM journey, and learn how other companies are succeeding with Account-based Marketing. 

Fes Askari will be your host and guide you as we explore ABM and your growth plans.

[Please note: This is an in-company workshop for you (and your team) and not a public webinar]

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